The main Jewish body in Slovakia is:

The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Slovak Republic
Panenská 4
811 03 Bratislava

The Jewish community of Bratislava is a constituent of the federation, and the largest Jewish community in the country. It numbers about 500 members and maintains a full range of religious, cultural, educational and social activities.

Jewish Community of Bratislava
Kozia 18
814 47 Bratislava

Religious services and rabbis

There are regular Orthodox and Liberal services in Bratislava. Please contact rabbis for details.

Rabbi (Orthodox) Baruch Myers
e-mail: baruchmyers(at)

Rabbi (Liberal) Misha Kapustin
e-mail: kapustin(at)

Kosher food

Bratislava does not have any special kosher stores or restaurants. To purchase kosher food, we either follow kosher lists compiled by the rabbinate or travel to kosher shops in Vienna.

The Jewish Community maintains a small kosher canteen, which is generally open to members only. Special reservations can be arranged at memorial(at)

Please consult the local rabbi for any special assistance you might need.