To research your family history, we recommend studying the available data at the JewishGen website before contacting institutions in Slovakia.

The burial records of Bratislava’s Jewish cemeteries are available online. This resource lets you browse the records, find the location of grave and view a map of the compound.

Birth, marriage and death registers are generally kept in regional archives. For Bratislava Region you may consider contacting:

Štátny archív v Bratislave
Križkova 7
811 04 Bratislava

Census records and Holocaust deportation lists are kept at the Slovak National Archives:

Slovenský národný archív
Drotárska cesta 42, P.O.BOX 115
840 05 Bratislava 45
E-mail: archiv.sna(at)

Data on the Aryanization of Jewish businesses in the 1940s has been made available online by the Nation’s Memory Institute